Saturday, October 07, 2006


Chen, Pei- Chen (2006, October). Direct Method. Teaching Method. Retrieved February, 2001, from
This is a short research about the Direct Method. The contents are the
History background and origin of the Direct Method , the philosophy of the Direct Method, teaching materials, teaching method and the conclusion and the introspection

Nagel, Mark (1998). Direct Method Is Harmful For English Teaching. Kuo Chiao Tien Ti Journal. Retrieved May, 1998, from

He talks about the bad effects about the using of Direct Method for instance, the wrong meaning of words the students may get through the principle of no Chinese and the inability of asking questions about grammar.

The Wikimedia Foundation, Inc. Sesame Street access by 2006. Retrieved October 5 2006, from
This website reveals the information about Sesame Street for example, the overview, history of the show, broadcast history, characters, cast and crew, regional variations of the show, merchandising and endorsement, movies, videos, specials, criticism, rumors and urban legends…etc.

The Head Office of Sesame English Franchised, Taiwan. The Origin And Development of Sesame English access by 2006, from
This is the official website of the head office of Sesame English franchised in Taiwan so it includes the origin and development of Sesame English in Taiwan, the introduction of the Muppets and teaching materials…etc.

The Wikimedia Foundation, Inc. Category:Sesame Street access by 2006. Retrieved August 31 2006, from
This is the category of Sesame Street.


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